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Excel Project   Conclusion & Bibliography  



- Ebay


- Barnes And Noble

- Best Buy has many products and services that have helped sustain its success. Three key services that it has provided are Amazon Prime, the Kindle, and MP3 downloads. Amazon Prime was launched in the United States in 2005. The service offers customers unlimited expedited shipping for a flat annual fee.

In November 2007, Amazon released the Kindle. The Kindle is an electronic pad capable of downloading various books or better known as "e-books" and other digital media such as newspapers and magazines. There are over 200,000 titles available for the Kindle. The reader downloads content over "whispernet" a free wireless service on the Sprint Network. What makes the Kindles so accessbile to use is that it can be used without a computer. The Kindle comes in three formats, The Original Kindle, the Kindle 2, and the Kindle DX.
In September 2007, Amazon released a new music store called Amazon Mp3. Amazon Mp3 sells downloadable tracks in mp3 format from record labels, Sony BMG, Warner Bros. Universal, and EMI. Although the Mp3's are legally restriced in some cases, they are not strictly enforced.