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- Ebay


- Barnes And Noble

- Best Buy is simple and easy to use. With all of their products listed for sale, Amazon customers can provide reviews of the product. Users can rate a product on a rating scale from one to 5 stars and write a written review of the product. WHen you reach the home page. You can see the departments on the left side of the screen. Amazon divides their products into many different categories. It is divided into books, movies, music and games, digital downloads, Computers and office, Electronics, Home and Garden, Grocery, toys, Clothing, Sports, Tools and others. On the right hand side of the screen, it lists your Account options. With many of Amazon's products, you have the option of buying products in either new or used condition. This option gives Amazon users the choose from many different prices.

If logged into your account, the middle of the page shows products that you looked at previously or items that you might consider buying. It also lists items that other customers with similar interests as yourself have bought. THe main page of is designed to demonstrate products that might appeal to you.